Warped Wing The Abominator German-Style Doppelbock

Named for a a legendary Yeti responsible for bringing the blizzard of 1978 to Dayton, Ohio (and leaving this beer behind in his wake).

Warped Wing The Abominator German-Style Doppelbock
by Bill Lau | Potable Pastime


German-style doppelbock, 9.1% ABV, 31 IBU
Warped Wing Brewery, Dayton, Ohio

There’s a tradition of christening doppelbocks with a name ending in the letters -ator, in homage to Germany’s Salvator from the Paulaner brewery (it being the archetypal version, created by the Paulaner monks over 375 years ago!). I’ve seen many creative and humorous monikers for other breweries’ versions of the style, but this is my current favorite. And that back story referenced at the top of the post made me smile. Would that all blizzards and snowstorms left behind a tasty brew to enjoy.

Monks and Yetis aside, I’ll keep this short and get on with the review. Cheers!


First off I have to note that as usual, Warped Wing gives us some very cool and entertaining can art. I pop the top on said can and pour into a mug, noting the clear auburn hue. There’s not much head to speak of, but it sure has a lovely appearance.

The Abominator is big on malty aromas, with notes of molasses and the caramel tones of stewed malts.

Full bodied on the palate, with flavors that follow through on the aromatics: caramel and molasses among the overall malt complexity. Sweet up front but not overly so. A boozy wave of alcohol powers through, then more malt but drier and slightly tangy on the back end. This sweeps into a lengthy finish with notes of fairy food (sponge or honeycomb candy), chocolate, and hints of baked figs and raisins.

On the bigger side for a traditional doppelbock (not that I’m complaining, mind you!), it certainly delivers the flavors right down Broadway. Yummy!

(Oh, and many thanks to the Paulaner monks and that Yeti for getting the ball rolling!)

Disclosure: The author has received no reimbursement or compensation for this article. All opinions and remarks are those of the author alone.

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