Avery Twenty Four Imperial IPA

The hopheads at Avery celebrate the brewery’s 24th anniversary with this suitably hop-centric imperial IPA.

Avery Twenty Four Imperial IPA
By Bill Lau | Potable Pastime

Anniversary Edition imperial IPA, 9.7% ABV, brewed with southern hemisphere and American hops.
Avery Brewing Co., Boulder, CO

Anniversaries are obviously very special occasions, whether they involve relationships, employment, or businesses. Each successive year denotes increased longevity and success. It’s no wonder we like to celebrate them in some memorable way, often with a gift.

Breweries are no different; they like to mark each year they’re still in business, not only among their employees, but sharing the celebration with their customers, who are the very reason they’re in business, right? Well, you know what I think might be the most awesome aspect about brewery anniversaries? THEY give US a present in the form of some special release! Now how cool is that?

Avery has been known as one of those breweries that often likes to employ a heavy hand come hopping time, something which I’ve always appreciated about them. (For example, they make one of my favorite imperial IPAs, Maharaja.) Their special beer celebrating 24 years of brewing (and hopping) excellence is certainly no exception. Props to Beer Guy at JJ (@JungleBeerGuy on Twitter) for alerting this blogger to the arrival (hell, even the existence!) of this beer at Jungle Jim’s International Market. It made it onto my grocery list immediately, that I can assure you!


Pours out a lovely, bright honey-golden hue, generating a generous, thick off-white head that slowly condenses and holds a thin layer with collar. The aroma is an intoxicating blend of hop notes – citrus, pine, floral, tropical, and dank in turns. Boy howdy this smells wonderful!

The body and texture are luxurious; velvety, smooth, and viscous, with a very fine and tickly carbonation. This delivers a massive dose of hoppy goodness to the palate, with a veritable carnival of flavors dancing across my tongue. Tropical fruits, citrus peel, candied flower petals, and pine resin all playing over a base of lightly caramelized malt, with some firm (I’m inclined to style it as “legitimate”) bitterness.

The hop assault continues unabated, bludgeoning the lupulin receptor center of my brain into submission, leaving me in a state of total beery relaxation and fostering that welcome feeling of contentment. As I sip down, the ale leaves some significant sheeting of foam adhering to the glass, while the flavors continue to showcase the glory that is the hop and even contribute a transient tangy component. Happy Anniversary indeed, you good folks at Avery!

Now, sometimes I offer a food pairing suggestion for a beer; in this case, allow me to suggest a musical pairing. I find this goes extraordinarily well with Dawg Yawp. You’re welcome.

Final thoughts – good golly, miss Molly this is a fantastic beer! I’ve finished the full 22 ounce bomber as I write this bit, and I still have a lingering hoppy, bitter, resinous aftertaste on my tongue. Wonderful! If you love hops, Avery, or IPAs you just can’t go wrong with this one. Cheers!

Disclosure: The author has received no reimbursement or compensation for this article. All opinions and remarks are those of the author alone.


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