Hudephol Pure Lager Beer

Hudepohl Pure Lager

By Bill Lau | A Potable Pastime

The Hudepohl Brewing Co., Cincinnati, OH

This one caught my eye at the store not long ago, with its cool retro/vintage style label and vibe. Had no idea it was The Beer Formerly Known as Hudepohl Amber at the time (turns out it’s a recent rebranding of that lager), but in any case it’s always good to see locally brewed beer on the shelf. Some quick beer history for the unfamiliar – Hudepohl is one of The Queen City’s oldest breweries.

As an aside, I seem to have an affinity for cities with deep brewing roots, hailing from Milwaukee, having gone to school near St. Louis, and now living in The ‘Nati. Lotsa beer been brewed up in those three places for sure!

Also worth noting this is brewed according to the German Reinheitsgebot (or brewing purity law) – water, malt, hops & yeast – and that’s all, folks! So sayeth the label, anyway.

Appearance (4/5): Full, deep golden hue touched with amber, topped with a layer of near-white foam that subsides to a thin cap & collar in short order. Clear and bright.

Aroma (6.5/10): Toasty and nutty malt notes with some butterscotch (hello, diacetyl) and hint of earthy hops.

Palate (3.5/5): Body on the lighter side of medium; medium carbonation leaves an easy finish on the swallow.

Taste (6/10): Tangy maltiness joined by lightly floral & earthy hops. Some light caramel with a mildly sweet-sour character to it. Bitterness on the light side; combined with that tangy edge it’s just enough to balance and add a touch of dryness. And the tanginess makes for a refreshing and quaffable character. Also should note that I didn’t detect that butterscotch note from the aroma in the flavor profile. Overall it shows that you can still make a lighter-tasting beer using all-malt ingredients.

Overall (13.3/20): Nothing remarkable, just an easy-drinking beer. Good for when you want some basic refreshment. (Locals no doubt will especially enjoy this while watching the Bengals – Who Dey!)

Disclosure: The author has received no reimbursement or compensation for this article. All opinions and remarks are those of the author alone.


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