Schöfferhofer Grapefruit

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit

By Bill Lau | A Potable Pastime

Unfiltered hefeweizen with grapefruit flavoring, 2.5% ABV
Schöfferhofer, Radeberger Gruppe KG, Frankfurt/Main Germany

As has been noted previously, I’ve long been a fan of hefeweizens, especially unfiltered ones with brewing yeast still in suspension. They’re definitely a more rustic and older style, and that appeals to me. I also find them to be particularly well-suited to summer weather with their lighter flavor, esters and phenols, and higher carbonation level.

Although not labeled as such, one might consider this a variety of radler, which is traditionally a 50/50 blend of beer and sparkling lemonade. These beverages are typically lower in alcohol, so as to be very drinkable and not impair one’s senses. (The name “radler” means cyclist, and the style presumably has an origin with bike riders needing something light and refreshing, allowing them to retain their riding ability, which is generally considered a good thing when rolling along on two wheels.)

Bottle marked best before end of March 2017.

Appearance (4/5): Hazy, pale peachy-orange hue which invokes grapefruit juice, with a fairly short-lived near-white head that holds a thin layer and collar. Looks refreshing!

Aroma (7.5/10): Fresh, zippy grapefruit with a tart note. Not getting much in the way of the the usual heffie yeast notes (e.g. banana, clove, bubblegum). Appetizing.

Palate (3/5): Light-bodied & easy-drinking. A real quaffer. Very fine, tingly carbonation bead.

Taste (7/10): Tart grapefruit up front and into the middle, with very subtle hints of phenolic spiciness from the yeast joining in and adding a little complexity. Sweetens slightly into the finish. Pretty straight-forward beer. I happened to sample this after a nice little bike ride on a warm summer day (rather apropos, no?), and yes, I can report that it’s quite refreshing.

Overall (14.3/20): Looking for something light and refreshing? Perhaps you’re a fan of  shandys or other fruit-flavored beers? This is one I think you’ll like. Don’t expect much real traditional hefeweizen flavor – the grapefruit takes front & center here. This one also offers lots of potential for use as a mixer in cocktails (recommended for when your riding day has ended!).

Disclosure: The author has received no reimbursement or compensation for this article. All opinions and remarks are those of the author alone.


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