The Great PumpCan

Spiced ale, 7.9% ABV.

MadTree The Great PumpCan

Madtree Brewing Company, Cincinnati, OH

By Bill Lau

Posted November 14, 2015

I’ve been on a bit of an unplanned blogging break as you may have noticed, but I’m back, Baby! We’d enjoyed some unusually mild late October and early November weather in Ohio, but the cooler temperatures have arrived and almost all of the leaves have turned and fallen from the trees, aided by some fierce winds over the last couple of days. Thanksgiving is looming ahead, with Christmas and New Year’s right behind. I’ve got a few reviews lined up, with a slew of possibilities waiting in the cellar. So keep checking back for new posts!

We’re on to another pumpkin beer (as was foretold by Nostradamus), this time from right here in The Queen City (aka Porkopolis, also known as The ‘Nati to locals), proving that no corner of the country is safe from the onslaught of squash & spice-based beers at this time of year. But that’s not a bad thing (well, unless you hate pumpkin beers, I suppose, but if that’s the case what are you doing reading this?).

Fortunately, unlike Linus and his annual quest, I didn’t have to find a really sincere pumpkin patch and sit up all night waiting for the appearance of The Great PumpCan. All I had to do was visit my favorite local beer seller.

MadTree The Great PumpCan

Appearance (4/5): Orange-amber hue with a light chill haze; pale beige head falls from over a quarter of an inch thick to a thin layer.

Aroma (7.5/10): A melange of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice) and an almost fruity, sweetish character, reminiscent of holiday baking.

Palate (4.5/5): Medium body with a somewhat viscous mouthfeel, followed by very finely beaded carbonation.

Taste (8/10): A blend of seasonal spices up front (same as in the aroma) with none dominating the profile, then a distinct tangy character. This segues to a light bitterness and drying spice notes, joined by a hint of baked pie crust (of all things). Leaves behind the impression at least of pumpkin in the lingering spice notes.

Overall (16/20): This brew presents a nice balance of spices, and the tanginess keeps it from seeming too sweet or heavy. Very nice.

Disclosure: The author has received no reimbursement or compensation for this article. All opinions and remarks are those of the author alone.


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