Maeloc Strawberry Hard Cider

Made with 6% strawberry juice and apples from Galicia, Spain. 4% ABV

Maeloc Strawberry Hard Cider
Custom Drinks, Lugo, Spain

By Bill Lau

Posted August 16, 2015

This was one of those items I was not looking for when my path led me past it on the shelf. Something about it got my attention, and I took a closer look. My cider sampling has admittedly been rather limited. I’ve had a couple of mass market brands, a couple of craft varieties, and a fine French cider from Normandie. Definitely never tried one from Spain (or even seen one before). Sounded like a good opportunity to put up a cider review on the blog. (Yeah, that’s it, for the blog…)

OK, so I’d have grabbed it anyway just to try. But the blog angle can help decide in cases where I’m waffling. (Which I do. From time to time. A bit.)

Maeloc Strawberry Hard Cider

Anyway, on with the review!

Appearance (4/5): Burnished gold to pale amber hue, bright & clear. Holds a ring of white foam after the short-lived head dissipates.

Aroma (7.5/10): Tart, ripe strawberries with a sugared/candied note and faint apple underneath. Inviting.

Palate (3.5/5): Body on the light side with light carbonation tingle.

Taste (7.5/10): Tart strawberries with some sugared ripe strawberry, joined by a slight earthiness and then mildly bitter apple peel bite. Rounds into a tangy, sweet-sour finish. Not at all one-dimensional, the flavor evolves and presents some complexity, while never losing that strawberry character.

Overall (15/20): Enjoyable and refreshing, this is an easy-drinking cider. Great summertime beverage.

Disclosure: The author has received no reimbursement or compensation for this article. All opinions and remarks are those of the author alone.


4 thoughts on “Maeloc Strawberry Hard Cider

  1. Thanks for sharing! That looks to be a unique cider….I don’t remember seeing anything in my area that was strawberry, only berry in general or other berry types.

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