Self Starter Session IPA

5.2 % ABV, 67 IBU session IPA

Warped Wing Self Starter Session IPA
Warped Wing Brewing Co., Dayton, OH
By Bill Lau

Posted July 7, 2015

I was an instant fan of this beer when I tried it at the brewery last year. At the time it was a draught-only offering. This year Warped Wing released it in cans as a seasonal offering, much to my delight – having moved from the Dayton area to Cincinnati, the brewery is no longer a convenient local trip, but their beer is still readily available for me.

Named for the automobile electric self starter (whose inventor was a Dayton native) which eliminated the need for someone to laboriously hand-crank the engine to start it back in the heady old early days of the horseless carriage (and saving countless arms everywhere from fatigue), Self Starter is a perfect name for a session IPA.

Warped Wing Self Starter Session IPA

Appearance (4/5): Clear, light orange-amber hue capped with a short-live, off-white head that retains a collar and thin film. Light bubble activity.

Aroma (8/10): Citrusy, floral hop nose with orange and hints of tropical fruit and some pine resin.

Palate (4/5): Body on the light side of medium with a smooth, velvety texture. Light carbonation.

Taste (8/10): Plenty of hops with citrus and floral notes and some tropical fruit and pine, with toasty and caramelized malt showing through. Bitterness builds gradually and crests firmly as it leads into a resiny and slightly tangy finish. Lingering bitter-hoppy aftertaste is quite pleasing. Carries a flavor note at the back end that I associate with some of the more generic styles (e.g. “amber ale”) put out by brewpubs in the 1990’s – sort of a toasted malt character. Nicely balanced session IPA.

Overall (16/20): Very drinkable and more-ish. Come get some!

Warped Wing Self Starter Session IPA

Disclosure: The author has received no reimbursement or compensation for this article. All opinions and remarks are those of the author alone.



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