Slice of Life

Hard cider with lemon and ginger added. 5.5% ABV

B. Nektar Slice of Life
B. Nektar Meadery, Ferndale, MI

By Bill Lau

Posted May 9, 2015

Ah, B. Nekar, you crazy people, you! You got me on this one – when I spotted this on the shelf at Country Fresh Farm Market in Hartwell, OH (which, btw, is a pretty awesome place – I expected a basic, older, small-townish, nothing very special grocer, but was treated to more of a part Dorothy Lane Market/part Findlay Market experience with an outstanding beer & wine department – but I digress) I couldn’t not buy it. If you recognize the name, you know what I’m talking about.

B. Nektar Slice of Life

In any case, it’s high time I reviewed a cider here anyway. Hard cider isn’t something I drink often, but I do enjoy them on occasion as a change of pace from beer, cocktails, or wine. (Aside – sweet cider is one of my all-time seasonal faves in the autumn, especially unpasteurized local farm cider, which is thankfully widely available in Ohio. I’ve even dabbled in fermenting some of this cider in the past, with acceptably decent results.) B. Nektar specializes in ciders, meads (which we will definitely get to at some point in this blog), and beer. And a quirky (or is that twisted?) sense of humor. Bless their fermented little hearts!

B. Nektar Slice of Life

Appearance (3.5/5): Hazy, milky-looking pale straw hue. Foams like soda and dissipates immediately. Steady stream of large bubbles quickly rise to the surface.

Aroma (8/10): Tart, fruity aromas with apple (reminscent of both Winesap and crabapple), ginger, hint of lemon peel, and yeast. Crisp and appetizing.

Palate (4/5): Light bodied with very fine carbonation tingle washing across and tickling the tongue.

Taste (8.5/10): Tart and crisp apple character up front, quite refreshing, with ginger and subtle lemon mingling in seamlessly. The ginger brings a little bite with it on the back side. The lemon and ginger are nicely done with a deft hand towards integrating them and not letting them dominate. A slight earthy note (I’m guessing from the yeast) joins in late. Possesses a really nice, natural and artisanal character. Would make an excellent aperitif, or pair with olives and mild goat milk feta.

Overall (16/20): I like my ciders like I like my apples – tart and crisp. This is my kind of cider!

B. Nektar Slice of Life label


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life

  1. Cider is starting to become very popular!! I even had a Jack Daniels cider flavored shot this weekend. {if you try this, make sure you chill it first. ew.} I haven’t heard of this one. I wonder if they carry it near me. I’ll put it in my Brewgene!! Thanks for linking up, as always!!

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