Notios White Wine

Peloponnisos white dry wine, 12.0% ABV, 2012 vintage

Gaia Wines, Koutsi, Nemea, Greece

By Bill Lau

Posted March 31, 2015

Notios, the label informs, means “The one that comes from the south” or in other words,  the Southerner. Gaia’s wines feature Greek grape varieties. This white wine hails from the south of Greece (hence it’s moniker) and is made from a blend of 50% Moschofilero grapes from the Arcadian plateau and 50% Roditis grapes from the Korinthian slopes. I can’t say with any certainty I’ve had a Greek wine before, and am certainly unfamiliar with these grape varieties, so it’s a bit of an education for me. An enjoyable lesson at that!

Appearance: Color of ginger ale. A gentle swirl displays some good legs – thin film of wine forms on the glass and slowly recedes back down unevenly.

Aroma: Bright, tart fruit; carambola (aka star fruit) and quince come to mind.

Palate: Lighter body with a somewhat thin texture.

Taste: Tart & refreshing! Dry, crisp, fruity character. Notes of carambola and tart Granny Smith apple. Rounds a bit into the finish, losing some of its bite and joined by a hint of dry honey flavor, then more apple late. Goes down easy.

Overall: Quite enjoyable. If you like tart fruitiness, then this one’s for you! Great aperitif, and paired up nicely with lemon-dill grilled chicken and crustless Greek spinach pie.



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