Lost Coast 25th Anniversary

Silver Anniversary Belgian ale, 8.8% ABV

25th Anniversary Belgian-style ale

Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka, CA     Released in 2014.

By Bill Lau

Posted January 25, 2015

According to the label, this is a “Belgian ale brewed with Belgian & American malts, European hops, & Trappist ale yeast for a ripe, rich fruitiness.” Not only that, but “You’re holding this beer in your hand because we love you.” Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling kinda special now.

I had sampled the beer at Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, OH recently. I absolutely love their beer & wine tasting station – it’s a great way to try new beers, and the selections rotate pretty frequently. The only drawback can be when you sample something on draft that isn’t available in bottles, but growlers are usually an option. In this particular case, there were plenty of 22 ounce bombers on the shelf in the extensive beer department, so I bought one based on how much I enjoyed that little sample pour. Now that you already know I liked it, here’s the skinny.

Served in a tulip glass (which only seemed appropriate for the style).

Appearance (4/5): Cloudy, dull coppery-orange body topped with a thick pile of beige foam that slowly settles to a solid layer about a quarter inch thick. Leaves behind distinct foam rings on the glass.

Aroma (9/10): Aroma replete with Belgian yeast notes – spices (coriander, cardamom, hint of clove), esters (banana, nectarine), and bready yeast.

Palate (4.5/5): Medium-full body, creamy smooth texture, fine carbonation bead. Substantial but not heavy. Almost seems like you could chew it for a moment.

Taste (9/10): Flavors somewhat reminiscent of a Bavarian weizen up front, with clove, banana, lightly sweet malt, and a bit of almost smoky, earthy yeast. No obvious hop notes and very gentle, subdued bittering. This one is all about the influence of the yeast on the malt base. Complex fruitiness blends subtle notes of peaches, nectarines, apricots and combines with caramel malt. The back end brings a scosche more bittering and a drying, slightly phenolic edge. The flavors evolve continually through each sip. Lost Coast Brewery, I love you too!

Overall (17.7/20): Very tasty and enjoyable! Recommend serving no colder than cellar temperature to allow the complexity of flavors to shine.

Lost Cost 25th Anniversary Gift to Beer Lovers


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