Rhinegeist Pure Fury

Hoppy Pale Ale brewed with Bravo, Amarillo, Cascade and Galaxy hops. 5.7% ABV, 42 IBU

Pure Fury

Winter seasonal ale available Jan-Feb from Rhinegeist, Cincinnati, OH

By Bill Lau

Posted January 11, 2015

I recently popped in to a local liquor store in my new neighborhood just to see what kind of beer selection they had. It wasn’t the biggest or broadest, but they did feature some local breweries, and so I ended up leaving with a couple of seasonal choices. (I mean, it just seemed to be the right thing to do, you know? I like to support local businesses as much as I can, and this purchase supported both the store and the brewery, as well as serving as my vote, as it were, for craft beer.)

Rhinegeist focuses a lot on sessionable beers, and while this winter offering is on the lower ABV side compared to many winter ales, it does not lack in flavor.

Appearance (5/5): Clear, coppery-orange body topped with thick, dense pale beige foam. Nice sustained head. Lovely!

Aroma (8.5/10): Wow, aroma of hops immediately in my face when I opened the can! Floral and citrusy (lemon, grapefruit) with tropical fruit notes (mango, papaya). Yum!

Palate (4/5): Medium-light body with moderate carbonation tingle. The hops bring a slightly oily texture that spreads across the palate.

Taste (9/10): Loads of hops up front with flavors of tropical fruit, including pineapple, mango, papaya. Some catty hop cuts across as well, providing a solid bitter edge and support. There’s nice malt underneath it all if you pay attention, with some tangy caramel. Make no mistake though, this beer is about the hops! Bitter citrus peel joins in late and leaves a resiny hop taste (and coating!) on the tongue that just lingers on and on. Spectacular.

Overall (17.7/20): It’s really nice to get this level of hoppiness without having to go into the double IPA ABV level. Beautiful mix of hop character with just enough malt to balance things out. Get it while you can!

Available January – February.


One thought on “Rhinegeist Pure Fury

  1. Sounds good! I love a hoppy beer! Also – I just started a new linkup called Tipsy Tuesday on my other blog “Grey is the New Black” – I would love if you would consider linking up! It just started today and I’m trying to spread the word.

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