Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer

Bring back those childhood memories with some tasty root beer.

Drink Brownie

“Since 1929” – Orca Beverage Soda Works, Mukilteo, WA

By Bill Lau

Posted July 21, 2014

I thought I’d take the blog in a different direction this time, and review something non-alcoholic. After all, the stated purpose of the blog is to explore the world of beverage, right? And I am a longtime fan of root beer, going back to my childhood and visits to A&W root beer stands in the summer. One in particular was decorated with colored Chinese lanterns. You could see a drive-in theater screen not too far away, and watch the current flick while waiting for the server to bring your food. I remember when I was so small that I got the baby mug of root beer, then it became 2 baby mugs, and finally I graduated to the small sized mug. Made me feel like I was almost grown up!

I still enjoy a good root beer, especially during the summer. Brings back those happy memories and satisfies my inner child. They go so well with chili-cheese hot dogs (with a generous dash of hot sauce), too!

Note: I recommend serving in an appropriate-style mug.

Appearance: Deepest brown/walnut with mahogany highlights. No head to speak of. Lots of bubbles cling to the inside of the mug.

Aroma: Notes of wintergreen, caramelized sugar, toasted marshmallow, sassafras.

Flavor: Brownie caught me off-guard, expecting a more intense sugary sweetness up front. Has an interesting, mellow and slightly herbal character, along with caramelized sugar and a molasses note. Toasted marshmallow late. Very strong, deep caramel flavor shows up with subsequent tastes. Smooth texture for a bottled root beer with some measure of creaminess and mouthfeel.

Tasty and distinctive root beer. Cheers!

Mug of childhood


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