Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter

Porter brewed with Colonial Rosewood cocoa & chocolate malt

SanTan Brewing Sex Panther

SanTan Brewing, Chandler, AZ.  6.9% ABV. Sample provided by HDE Agency.

Review by Bill Lau | Potable Pastime

March 8, 2014

I was familiar with the black panther, Florida panther, Pink Panther, the Carolina Panthers, and the Grumman F9F Panther, but had never heard of the Sex Panther before this. But as you can see from the artwork on the can, this dude definitely has his groove goin’ on. I mean, he’s channeling some serious 1970’s disco vibe there. Be that as it may, does the contents of the can live up to the hype on the outside?

Before we find out, though, I should remind you, Dear Reader, that I tend to prefer flavored beers made with real ingredients, not just flavoring extracts (so far, so good on this one), and that I also generally like the flavors to be more subdued or at least balanced with the malts and hops in the beer (we shall see momentarily). Just so you know where I’m coming from. As always, YMMV.

Sex Panther pours out a deep chestnut hue, clear, with auburn highlights. The beige head starts out nice and thick, well over a finger’s width tall, and gradually settles to a thin layer and collar.

Aroma is roasty with notes of coffee, cocoa, and roast nuts. Alluring.

Texture is creamy and smooth with a fine carbonation bead and medium body.

Flavors start out with a nice, light roastiness, followed by notes of cocoa and dark chocolate with a bittersweet tang. Deeply caramelized malt and sorghum molasses notes underneath. Bittering is well-integrated and balancing, but not sharp or lingering. Some medium roast coffee character comes through as well. Focus is on the chocolatey character, but even that is balanced and not overwhelming. In other words, this is just my type of brew! Good blend of flavors. Leaves a light, roasty finish with bittersweet chocolate.

Should pair well with roast pork, smoked cheeses, brownies or flourless chocolate cake, cheesecake, or as the base for a float with vanilla frozen custard, gelato, or ice cream.

Rating:     Appearance: 4.5/5     Aroma: 8.5/10     Palate: 5/5     Flavor: 8/10     Overall: 17/20

Sex Panther


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