Buddha’s Hand (citron) Infused Vodka and Tonic

This cocktail demonstrates the importance of quality ingredients. Simple yet wonderful!

Citron-infused vodka and tonic

I have learned over the years that as in cooking, you don’t necessarily need an extensive ingredient list to make a truly tasty and enjoyable cocktail. You DO need quality ingredients, however. Case in point this fairly simple and straight-forward variation of the classic gin and tonic.

It all began when my wife purchased a Buddha’s hand fruit from Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, OH. We’ve been trying new and different produce as well as other foods, expanding our culinary horizons as it were. She had thought to incorporate this unusual-looking item in a fruit salad. Alas, when we got home and she was able to do some research online, she discovered that the Buddha’s hand has no edible fruit core, rather it is a variety of citron and is essentially a citrus peel and rind, used in perfuming rooms and personal items in China and Japan (see Wiki). Definitely NOT fruit salad material! So, what to do?

Why, chop it up and infuse some vodka with it, that’s what! So we did, and the result was stunningly beautiful and tasty, as you can see here.

From there, it was an obvious step to add some of this homemade citron vodka to tonic. But not just any tonic. Fever-Tree Tonic Water. I had seen this brand at a local beer, wine & liquor store last year and tried some on a whim. Well, I was duly impressed, and Fever-Tree has become my favorite brand of not only tonic water, but also lemon tonic (or bitter lemon soda) and ginger beer, to be used as mixers when I play bartender at home. So with that foundation laid, here’s the recipe.

Citron Vodka and Tonic


1 & 1/2 to 2 oz citron vodka (Absolut sells a version, but homemade will give you that stunning golden color)

1 – 6.8 oz (200 ml) bottle Fever-Tree brand Premium Indian Tonic Water



Place ice in glass.

Add vodka.

Top up with tonic water.

Garnish with lemon wheel if desired and serve.


Ready to enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Buddha’s Hand (citron) Infused Vodka and Tonic

  1. This is so awesome and I love the name!! I have never heard of a Budda’s hand fruit before. I love it when you can take something and infuse vodka with it to create a whole new “exotic” type drink. This is awesome!! If you can, come link up with us for Thursty Thursday today!

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