Mississippi Mud Black & Tan

“Famous Slow Brewed Black & Tan Porter & Pilsner”

Mississippi Mud Black & Tan

Brewed by Mississippi Brewing Co., Utica, NY; 5% ABV, in 1 Qt. screw-top jug.

I would give you the brewery link as I normally do, except I find no website for the above-mentioned “Mississippi Brewing Co.”. Based on the Utica, NY reference, I suspect this is brewed at the FX Matt Brewery under license. Also, I’m not sure just how “famous” it is, but the jug certainly is eye-catching! Not to mention the gator on the label, which made me smile. Now, I admit that I don’t often purchase black & tans, pre-mixed or at the pub, though I have been known to try a 2-beer blend of some variation if suggested by a favorite and trusted bartender (I’m looking at you, Pnut!) . But, as fall races on towards Thanksgiving, I’m getting into the darker beers more often, and it seemed like a good time to have one.

My wife had the perfect serving suggestion for this one – a Mason jar – and I wish my photo did the beer’s appearance justice. When held to the light, it was a stunning reddish-amber-to-garnet in color and very clear. The voluminous head was a pale beige and several fingers in height initially, falling to just a collar and thin layer after a few minutes.

Aromas included some roasty malt with a chocolate note, noble-type hops (spicy-floral), and some coffee.

Mouthfeel was medium-light bodied with fine, lighter carbonation; not too substantial, which is probably a good thing if you’re taking on the full quart in one session!

Definitely some noble hop character up front, earthy and spicy. Combination of crackery and some roasted malt. Coffee-like bitterness. Tastes like what it is – pilsner and porter, though perhaps tilted more heavily towards the pilsner side. Flavors are well-integrated. Slowly fading finish with some bitterness, light roast, and lingering hops. Very drinkable and not too assertive.

Would try with burgers, steak, and BBQ.


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