Fat Head’s Oktoberfest

Seasonal entry from this brewery with a fun name and light-hearted labels.

Fat Head’s Oktoberfest

Fat Head’s Brewery, Middleburg Heights, OH – 5.7% ABV

One of the things I enjoy about craft beers is the sense of humor that many exhibit, whether in the brewery name, the beer names, or the labels. It’s good not to take yourself too seriously all the time, and Fat Head’s certainly holds to that philosophy, both in name and in their humorous labels.  I’ve sampled a few of Fat Head’s offerings over the past year or so, and enjoyed them a lot – the Gudenhoppy Pils was a favorite, but the Sorcerer Belgian-Style Dark Ale, and Head Hunter IPA were also quite good.

The Oktoberfest Lager pours a clear, bright coppery-orange (so far, so good! If you read my review of Hinterland Oktoberfest, you know I like ’em that way). The head foams vigorously during the pour, but is rather loose-knit and fades almost immediately to a light beige collar.

The aroma was appropriately malty with some caramel and toasted Vienna malt notes, and what I perceive as a bit of a juicy character.

Very spritzy carbonation, like a soda, delays the flavor arrival on the palate, and keeps the body moderately light. A bit too much carbonation and obviously force-carbonated. After the carbonation subsides in the mouth, I get some nice malt complexity with toasty and caramelized notes. A decent level of bittering follows into the finish accompanied by what could be a light hop flavor, but it comes across as almost slightly soapy to my palate. In any case, it just seemed a little “off”. Bitterness lingers in the finish and aftertaste.

Overall, I enjoyed the malt character and bittering level, but the carbonation level was a bit high and head lacking. Not quite up to my expectations.


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